About Us

Serendipity Sox began as a mother-daughter team who wanted to make a difference in the animal world. We began our sock shop on Etsy and saw that difference being made. We decided to donate 10% of our profits to local animal rescue centers and continue to do so today. We were fueled by so many happy customers who loved their pets that we decided to take Serendipity to the next step with the hopes of helping the animal community even more! Since then, our other pet-lovin' family members joined in on our mission to create happiness with our personalized pet socks. Say hello to each our family members in our Dippity Crew! 

 Janna & Sky

Owner & Faithful 11 Year Old Australian Shepherd 

 Abby & Raeni

Co-Owner & Deeply Loved Rescue Horse

Rachel & Ollie

Marketing Co-Manager & Rescue Cat Who Thinks He Is a Dog